In accordance with the Communication and visibility  plan there has been published special bilingual  issue of the journal „Club 33,6 million”, devoted to the International cooperation and to the project «MUSIC WITHOUT BARRIERS: Cooperation of the Baltic Sea Region NGOs in creative development of special needs children and youthThis was done with co-financing from the Russian partner. The electronic version is on the site

 The magazine was disseminated among the participants of the II EuroAsian Women’s Forum hold  on 20-21of September 2018 in Saint Petersburg – one of the most significant international events of the year. The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum brought together approximately 2000 politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, and public figures from 110 countries.  Forum participants focused particularly on special sessions organised by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), UNESCO, the World Bank, the Women 20 sessions, the BRICS Women’s Business Club, the APEC seminar and the presentation of a report by the World Health Organization.

Press releases and Post realizes were published on the sites of the partners

In the Facebook  @eomusicaacademia and INRontact

Information about the project was presented by Kalinina E. I., President of the women’s Alliance, project Manager at the meeting of the coordinating Council for the implementation of the National strategy for women under the Government of St. Petersburg on June 18, 2018

Add a link to the video of the online conference.

There were given several interviewes by Elena Kalinina, president of Zensky Alliance:

 On September 29, 2018, Kalinina E. I., President of the women’s Alliance, spoke on TV on the channel Russia. Saint Petersburg, in the program „ Civil society”, where information on the implementation of the project with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers was also heard.

and on the Radio. Channel Russia. Saint Petersburg on the 01.12. 2018.