With the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers                                            

International methodical on-line conference

“Music without barriers: creative development of children with special needs»

Time: November 27, 2018 from 15.00 to 22.00

Place:  International Academy of Music named by Elena Obraztsova (Nevsky PR., 35 liter B), passage through the service entrance in the center of the Neva line (under the portico)


St. Petersburg regional public organization for support and development of public initiatives “Women’s Alliance” (Russia)

“International Academy of Music named by Elena Obraztsova” (St.Petersburg, Russia)


“Share Music & Performing Arts”, 15 years engaged in creative development and innovative stage art of people with special needs (Sweden)

Special Music Centre RESONAARI (Helsinki,  Finland).  Founded in 1995, Special Music Centre Resonaari is an expertise and innovation center of special music education and cultural social work. Resonaari also has a music school that teaches diverse learners according to the Finnish basic art studies curriculum, and a professional band of diverse learners, Resonaarigroup. As a whole, Resonaari forms a nationally and internationally unique operation, expertise, and innovation center.

Charity Foundation PRO OMNIBUS (Poland) has been organizing music festivals for children with special needs for 23 years

“Rotary klubs Riga” (Latvia), providing support for talented children

Teachers and students of educational and cultural institutions of St. Petersburg, representatives of public organizations


15.30.-15.45. (Mosc.time) Welcome to the participants: Elena Kalinina, President of the St. Petersburg regional public organization for support and development of public initiatives “Women’s Alliance” (Russia), Manager of the  project ” Music without barriers: cooperation of NGOs in the Baltic sea region in the creative development of special children and youth»

15.45.-17.15. (Mosc. time) Eugenia Granat (Sweden) Presentation: ” Inclusion through the performing arts: experience of the Swedish organization ShareMusic & Performing Arts”

17.15. – 18.45. (Mosc. time) Markku Kaikkonen, Director of the Special Music Centre RESONAARI (Finland).  ) Open lesson “Everyone has the potential to learn music»

 18.45.-19.30. (Mosc. time) Coffee-break

19.30-20.00. (Mosc. time) Anna Laba Rojak, Program coordinator of the Foundation PRO OMNIBUS (Poland) concerning the education of children with special needs to participate in the concert.

20.00-22.00 (Mosc. time) Concert of the  artists (including those with special needs) with the participation of Peter Kupiti (Poland)


Participants receive a Certificate of training on the theme “Creative development of children with special needs.”